Mini Projector for Home Movies


Brand Name: MyChomrollerCo

Salange P80 Led 480P Mini Projector, Best Gift for Kids watch Cartoon in Big Screen

Salange P7 WiFi Bluetooth DLP Projector 5000L,Ul Timate Home Experience,Enjoy Your Home Theater
Salange T10 Protable 1080P Projector Full HD ,Best Christmas Gift for you Family ,Built Your Home Cinema


Yg300 Mini Projector

Innovative design

Dimensions: 12.50 x 8.50 x 4.50 cm Net weight: 245 grams YG-300 uses environmental protection ABS plastic Free of peculiar smells and eliminates industrial pollution Protect you and your family's health

Compact size

About as big as a smartphone Rich peripheral devices interfaces Portable charger, power, TF card, on/off ,CVBS 3-in-1 input, HDMI-compatible 3.5 mm headphone, USB

Easy to use

Next generation American Bridgelux LED light

Yg-300 uses the next generation American Bridgelux LED light Power consumption is 10 - 24 W Environmental protection & energy-saving, no harm to eyes Great for children's education and toys

Next generation American Bridgelux LED light Exquisite & realistic pictures

Advanced cooling system Advanced hydraulic axial fan Good heat dissipation, low noise Suitable for family entertainment

Adjustable picture resolution

Roller type focus adjustment,quick picture definition

The Real projection picture in the dark room of Yg300:

The Projector Screen for You Choose (Need to buy separately)

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